randomiranda (randomiranda) wrote in corronicles,

Dearest Elizabeth,
I've so much to relate to you that I hardly know where to begin. I'm sure you must be anxious to hear the explination for my absence from our meeting several nights ago and continued absence from school since. I would have written you sooner but circumstances rendered me incabable of doing so. I truely intended to meet you behind the opera house that night and I aplogize if my absence caused you any trouble but on my way to our appointment I hear the clashing of steel in the distance and was too curious to not investigate. As they say curosity killed the cat and I suppose although I am not yet killed I am in quite a bit of trouble as a result of my investigation for when I followed the source of the noise someone jumped out of the shadows behind my and flung a bag over my head. I suppose I fell asleep for the next I knew I was bound and gagged abord a ship sailing down the Thames and ominous figures manned the helm and rigging. I managed to loosen my bonds and slip overboard, swimming to shore. I am on my way back to school but I knew your worrisome nature would not permit me to leave this explination a moment longer. I wish I had time to give you a more detalied and complete story but I find my train has arrived and if I do not now conclude this letter I will miss it.
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