randomiranda (randomiranda) wrote in corronicles,

Dearest Elizabeth,
Do you remember last term when we dyed prudish Mildred's corset a most scandalous shade of scarlet? Well, I have a proposition for you of equally malicious hilarity. You see, as we have received an invitation to the coming out ball of the youngest daughter of Lord Wyatt. Her name is Emmaline and she is such a shy little sheltered thing, hardly fourteen years old. At my own coming out ball, four years ago, I had the most smashing encounter with William Noting and smashing I mean quite literally as he trod upon my feet so often, I had to sit out a dance to recover from the damage done to my poor feet. As I already have an escort to the ball, Nathan has asked me, I was wondering if you would allow me to arrange for William to escort you. Don't worry, I have a plan to help you evade the crippling effects of his dancing. As soon as we arrive you can claim to be indisposed with a headache and ask his leave to sit down for a while. I will then introduce him to little Emmaline and take a seat by your side as we watch that elephant dance with her. Okay so I admit it is not my best prank yet but I am determined to make this ball somehow amusing. The last stuffy ball I was forced to attend bored me to tears. Why can't my governess just accept that I will never be a part of proper society and leave me to my bloody fencing and riding? As she often says, I do in fact intend to live up to my fathers reputation. I mean, honestly, can you see me a contented housewife to somebody as regular as Nathan? Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a boy, a dashing highwayman or fearsome pirate. If I had been a boy, my father would have likely made me his apprentice by now and I would be sailing beside him and experiencing such grand adventures. Although, I suppose you wouldn't find such things appealing in the least. Well, I suppose dreaming of such things is rather useless as they can not ever come to pass. Do reply soon to inform me of your opinion of my scheme. Also, do you think it would cause a terrific scandal if I wore my black and white dress with the extremely low neckline? Oh, how amusing would it be to see the look on Lord Wyatts face when he sees that dress!
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