The Amazing Capt. of Wonders (caterinadavinci) wrote in corronicles,
The Amazing Capt. of Wonders

Why My Dear Madrid,
While I am still predisposed to think that nothing could possibly be more amusing than our escapades with the under dressings of our dear Mildred, your plan does seem quite intriguing. But I am rather doubtful about your plans to arrange me with William, even just for the benefit of a prank. As I may have mentioned before, I have had my eye on James Bennet, but that probably isn’t going to be going much farther than just a preposition, as he hasn’t the backbone to ask me. In fact, I am quite surprised that Nathan did ask you, as I expect the prospect of having you as a date would grate on anyone’s nerves. And as for your black and white number, I would advise you to go for it. As for me I’ll be wearing a puffy blue dress that makes me look like a fairy princess, as it seems my Governess Mary (who I swear upon the Lord came straight from the nunnery!) has the worst taste in fashion to ever grace the face of the Earth. So I am sure that by the time I am sitting aside, watching Emmaline’s feet being crushed in a dangerous dance of death, I could use a little scandal. Oh, my dear. You, never a part of true and proper society? Very true, very true. As I doubt proper society will ever accept a girl who constantly wears her riding pants underneath her school dress. I don’t think the Delphian was ever ready for you. In fact, I don’t think I was ever ready for you. Doesn’t it seem like years upon years ago that we first glimpsed each other in the halls? How time has changed. Ah, I remember it well though, how couldn’t I? I think it was during my last stages of being completely infatuated over Henry Kingsley. How dreadful, that little prat, I still wonder how I could ever have adored the brute. But then again, Governess Mary had a lot to do with it, I’m sure. How glad I am that I am past the days where I believed that she could possibly control my interests. But then again, this thought brings me to how I envy your complete control over your situation. While I still feel a need to keep up the perfect exterior that everyone besides you has grown to love, the exterior that doesn’t include daring pranks and corset coloring. Oh, look at me now, rambling on, as is always my habit when I get into a topic. So be sure to inform me on your plan as it further develops, as I guess I must say that I agree with it, as if I would ever turn down one of your brilliant schemes. So, I guess I will see on the ballroom floor.
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